Hiwi Project: 

  • Modelling with Utopia

    • Minimized Evolving Predator Prey Model with different modelling approaches:

      • Cellular Automaton (CA)
      • Agent Based Model (ABM)
      • CA combined with ABM

  • Contribute to Utopia

    • available Output mechanisms
    • CookBook



Completed Projects:

  • Geomorphology, Vegetation and Self-Organisation of Coupled Complex Systems Studied with Cellular Automata Master Thesis, Hendrik Leusmann in the framework of the TS&CCEES Group, IUP Heidelberg (2017)
  • Eichung eines Gaschromatographen zur Messung von SF6 und FCKWs und Dokumentation des Messablaufs
    Project in preparation of the Bachelor Thesis, Hendrik Leusmann in the framework of the Aquatic Systems Group, IUP Heidelberg (2013)



A Celluar Automaton combining various processes (by the CCEES Group)


Python PreProcessor:

On Github PyPreProcessor forked from evanplaice and added features like nested #ifdef statements.

Selected Features:

  • support c-style directives in python
  • using an intentionally limited subset of the c directives, and then some...
  • can run post-processed code on-the-fly or output to a file