This bachelor thesis deals with the utilisation of SF6 and some CFCs as tracer in environmental physics. After discovering the deleterious effect on the ozone layer, the production of CFCs was restricted. Additionally CFCs are greenhouse gases and therefore have a effect on the environment. Later it was realised, that CFCs can be used as environmental tracers, although the low solubility of some substances require appropriate methods. The idea of this work is, to date young groundwater on the basis of SF5CF3 concentrations. To generate an equilibrium between an air space and groundwater, a membrane oxygenerator is used. In consequence, the atmosphere when the groundwater was formed can be reproduced. Then the trace elements are measured with a gasphase chromatograph. With the measurements in this work the ability of this method and especially of the membrane oxygenator were checked. In conclusion this method is appropriate, because very low concentrations can be meausered, but the accuracy is limited by contamination.

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