The water uptake of plants is a process of much interest. How and in which quantities plants absorb water influences the shape and type of vegetation as well as water content in soil. In this thesis a 3D root model that can use different distinctive root structures and simulate their water extraction for varying soil types and different amounts of precipitations therefore will be developed. Furthermore the knowledge gained by this small scale root model will then be used to analyze large scale vegetation patterns and the requirements for them to form. It will be specially investigated whether cases are found where vegetation patterns can form purely due to plant-plant interactions without additional influence through vertical ground differences. With plant-plant interactions, specifically the feedback plants apply on each other is meant, which includes long range negative feedback through competition for water and short range positive feedback through increased infiltration next to plants. However, proof for the forming of patterns through plant-plant interactions will not be found and therefore the claim that they play a major role in the forming of vegetation patterns can not be further confirmed.

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