Postal address:  
Institute of Environmental Physics, INF 229
University of Heidelberg
D-69120 Heidelberg
Visit: Im Neuenheimer Feld 229
Room Number: 102
Voice: (+49) 6221 54-6346



Research Interest

  • Parallel & High Performance Computing
  • Chaotic, Complex & Evolving Environmental Systems


  • Master Thesis (overall goal):
    Developing a framework as a metasystem for writing high-performance simulations in the CCEES realm

    • C++, Template metaprogramming, functional pogramming, category theoretic concepts
    • Structured Parallel Programming

  • Bachelor Thesis:
    Numerical Tools and Algorithms for the exploration of Chaotic Systems
    Focus: efficient computation of bifurcation diagrams and sparse phase space reconstruction (i.e. high-resolution sampling of chaotic attractors)
  • Research Assistant:
    Programming of the ASSESS Fieldscanner using an Arduino Due for realtime operations coupled with an Raspberry Pi. Movements of the fieldscanner are expressed in a Domain Specific Language that allows efficient interfacing between the Arduino and RPI, and enables an abstract description of complex program flows.