Constructive modeling of soil water dynamics on the basis of hydrogeophysical measurements

  • The complexity of the creation and the temporal evolution of soils is caused by diverse generators ranging over several spatial and temporal scales leading to a three dimensional time-variant network of corrugated pores whose characteristic length scale varies over several magnitudes. Consequently, the quantitative representation of soil hydraulic processes remains a challenge despite many years of intense research.
  • Quantitative soil hydrology is confronted with the problem of incomplete information at all levels ranging from the process description itself, which is only valid for low fluxes, the subsurface architecture with the corresponding material properties, which are not known a priori and near to impossible to determine directly at larger scales, to the boundary forcing, which is calculated on the basis of proxy-data and suffers from insufficient accuracy.
  • The objective of the project framing this dissertation is the investigation if and how experimentally accessible information can be merged into a physics-based quantitative description of field-scale soil hydrology.
  • Therefore, hydraulic experiments with a stepwise fluctuating water table, infiltration, and evaporation are designed and realized at the ASSESS test site. To analyze the suitability of this experimental data for a quantitative estimation of hydraulic material properties, a numerical model representing soil water movement and propagation of electromagnetic fields is set up. This numerical model is arranged in a modularized software package aggregating existing forward models and suitable parameter estimation algorithms.
  • The main focus of the dissertation is the integration of parameter estimation methods into this software package and the investigation of their suitability to ease the given challenges in quantitative soil hydrology. Therefore, the developed software package is applied on hydrogeophysical measurement data for the evaluation if and how parameters may be estimated given the problem of incomplete information at all levels.

List of Publications

Open access articles

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Conference and workshop contributions

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  • 2014-2017: Practical courses F52 and F53
  • 2013: Exercises for Modeling Terrestrial Systems