Postal address:  
Institute of Environmental Physics, INF 229
University of Heidelberg
D-69120 Heidelberg
Visit: Im Neuenheimer Feld 229
Room: 204
Voice: (+49) 6221 54-5304
FAX: (+49) 6221 54-6405


Mathematical Physics and Topology

Research Interest

  • Opinion dynamics and consensus formation on adaptive networks
  • Network topology

Current project (Master’s thesis)

In social environments, consensus formation is an almost ubiquitous phenomenon. It drives social development, and yet consensus is itself a dynamic variable, one that develops over time and adapts to changing environmental constraints and social norms. Opinions are a familiar instance of such consensus-driven phenomena. Within the Utopia framework, we are developing a model to simulate and study the evolution and spread of opinions in a closed network, and their dependence and impact on the underlying topology. I am interested in expanding and studying this model on a variety of topics: creating dynamic tolerance and persuasiveness variables, analyzing consensus phenomena on different network types and for topologies of the opinion space, and working to build a multidimensional model, in which two or more opinions are coupled.