Postal address:  
Institute of Environmental Physics, INF 229
University of Heidelberg
D-69120 Heidelberg
Visit: Im Neuenheimer Feld 229
Room Number: 204
Voice: (+49) 6221 54-5304
FAX: (+49) 6221 54-6405

Current Project (Master Thesis)

In my master thesis, I aim to understand more about the mechanisms that allow a system to be evolvable (in the Darwinian sense) and for complexity to emerge. I focus on systems that are defined by the interactions between their constituents and thus cannot rely on easy information storage (as in RNA and DNA), but need other means of storing and propagating information.

Currently, I am using computational modelling to investigate how abstracted populations harvest resources from their environment and how mutation processes change the interaction network. The model aims to answer which configurations of the networks are most stable and how the capacity of the resources to support populations depends on their exploitation of the resources.