The Grenzhof test site close to Heidelberg. Since 2003 experiments are conducted on the formerly agricultural field. In 2004 a weather station (Fig. 1) was installed. It measures precipitation, air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind, incoming and outgoing solar and far infrared radiation. The information is required to assess the soil-atmosphere interaction.

To investigate the soil, at several locations TDR probes (to measure water content) and temperature probes are installed in the soil profile.
In 2009 two areas were set up. The surface above one is kept free of vegetation (until 2012), while for the other gras at a height of a few centimeters is maintained (Fig. 2). Again water content and temperature is measured beneath each.

  • Figure 1: Weather station.
  • Figure 2: Gras and bare soil areas with water content and temperature measurements beneath.