A Software suite for solving Richard's equation powered by DUNE-PDELab.



Utopia is a comprehensive modelling framework for complex and evolving environmental systems. It emerged from the need for reliable and efficient tools to investigate the CCEES research field and aims to promote synergies within and beyond the group.

For more information about Utopia and on how to install and use it, visit the Utopia Project Website, the Utopia GitLab Project or the Utopia Documentation.

Matlab_GPR (2015)

This is part of the Matlab package we use to analyze GPR signals. It is offered to the research community "as is" under the GNU General Public License.


  1. This package is research-grade, not consumer-grade.
  2. We use this package operationally for research and teaching. Its development was closed in 2015, however. We cannot offer any support.
  3. We do most of our GPR-work with IDS instruments and the code is able to also handle their data files. However, due to an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with IDS, this is a private part of Matlab_GPR and is not distributed with this package.


  1. Generation of doxygen documentation:
    1. install doxygen (
    2. install LaTeX
    3. run in Terminal:
      cd doc; doxygen Doxyfile
      cd doc/latex; make
  2. Cookbook:
    Matlab-Scripts working on example data (directory testdata) can be found in the directory Z_cookbook.

Download Matlab_GPR