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TS-CCEES Group, Late 2021

Terrestrial Systems &
Chaotic, Complex, and Evolving
Environmental Systems

The interface between the Earth's crust and atmosphere is a marvelously intricate conglomerate of soils and sediments, of lakes, rivers, subsurface water, and glaciers, of vegetation, microorganisms, and animals. All these components are dynamically interconnected in multiple ways, and they form our habitat. Over the past few millennia of humankind's development, this physical environment of ours gained an entirely new sphere of complexity, our sociocultural environment.

As a small group, we can only probe this vast realm and we do it along two paths:

  • We study some physical processes in great detail and as quantitatively and realistically as possible. Our main focus is on soil hydrology and solute transport with methods that cover the spectrum from experiments through modeling and simulation to data assimilation and knowledge fusion.
  • We explore the characteristics of chaotic, complex, and evolving environmental systems with examples from geomorphology, population dynamics, and evolution. The approach here is predominantly through modeling and numerical simulation with the aim to understand the fundamental operation of such systems.


We attempt to keep the material on this page and on its dependents accurate, useful, and accessible. In particular the material on the download page is freely available for all non-commercial uses under the condition that it is cited as requested. For comments or suggestions please email Kurt Roth.